Why Grind Coffee On Demand?
We’ve all stood in front of the supermarket coffee shelf wondering what coffee to buy, why it’s so old and not 100% Arabica? The promise of flavours from far and exotic lands never materialise and the taste just gets worse no matter what we do.
Well the answer is freshness. Regardless of the tastes promised on the pack coffee deteriorates at a rapid rate after it is ground for brewing. In fact it starts to lose its flavour within 10 minutes of grinding due to oxidisation and no amount of fancy storage can stop it. All those subtle tasting notes promised by the roaster never materialise. As a rule of thumb and if stored correctly, green unroasted coffee can last around 18 months, roasted whole bean around 3 months and ground coffee less than 10 minutes. Therefore it makes sense to leave grinding as late as possible to when we want to brew. You’ve paid a premium for some of the world’s best coffee so why let it become substandard? This means having some method of grinding our precious coffee beans to extract the best flavour we possibly can.

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